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How to create specific reports in JIRA?

Dawid asked this question · 31 karma ·


Is it possible to create report which show number of created and resolved issues in each month? This report should have configurable custom fields.

Second report which show time spent since issue in a period of time with configurable custom fields and with precentage of all issues?

And third report which show time from creation to resolve issue with configurable time interval and avg. resolution time?

Did You know any plugins which can help me?

Thanks & Regards,


2 Answers:

Raimonds Simanovskis · 1,540 karma ·

eazyBI reporting application has standard JIRA integration - after initial JIRA issues import you will get sample "created vs resolved issues" report. There are "average resolution days" (for resolved issues) and "average age days" (for unresolved issues) measures available that you can use when creating custom reports. As well as "hours spent" measure that you can use to get total time spent on individual issues or summary per selected dimensions.

If you need more help in creating these reports then please contact eazyBI support.

Dawid · 31 karma ·

Yes I know about created vs resolved issues report but I would to add dependence on custom field (select list), and second custom field (database values selection field).

Raimonds Simanovskis · 1,540 karma ·

eazyBI provides more advanced creted vs resolved issues report than standard JIRA reporting plugin. Currently you can filter results using default JIRA fields (project, component, version, type, status, priority, reporter, assignee, resolution) but I plan to add support for custom issues fields as well. If you are interested then please try out eazyBI and I would be glad to hear any other feedback from you.

Raimonds Simanovskis · 1,540 karma ·

Wanted to comment that new version of eazyBI JIRA integration supports import of JIRA issues custom fields as well. Read more in eazyBI JIRA integration help page.

Toni Mofardin · 19 karma ·

Is it possible to get a Created vs 'Custom status' chart? I haven't found any plugin that can do that. Or perhaps there is a way to match 'Custom status' with status 'Resolved'?

Raimonds Simanovskis · 1,540 karma ·

Yes, if you have 'Custom status' custom field then you can import it as additional dimension in eazyBI and you can make 'Created issues' by 'Custom status' reports. You can also combine custom status with standard status dimension.

Nayan · 1 karma ·

I can't see the JIRA field Component, whereas I can see the others. Any suggestions?

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