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Confluence 4 - CSS not included on all themes?

Dan Hawke asked this question · 46 karma ·

I've just completed the upgrade to 4.0.5, and have discovered that non-standard themes no longer get the global CSS changes.

Here is a page using the default look and feel:

However, here is a page from an Easy Reader theme:

It isn't including custom.css, therefore our site-wide customization is not being included. This is affecting several of our spaces, causing display issues. How do we get custom.css to include in the Easy Reader theme, or is there somewhere I can replicate the global CSS changes into Easy Reader?


2 Answers:

David Simpson · 16,745 karma ·

Host your custom CSS elsewhere and add a link to it using Confluence Admin | Custom HTML | At the End of the HEAD.

Bruna Griebeler [Atlassian] · 3,258 karma ·

Reagrding EasyReader, since it's not the default theme, we suggest you applying the CSS at the space levels for all spaces that use the Easy Reader.


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