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How to enable Balsamiq on Jira/Confluence

George Furnell asked this question · 1 karma ·

Good day,

thanks for reading.

How to enable Balsamiq on Jira/Confluence so to start using it, on the demand installation?

I dont see any way to start using it.




3 Answers:

Nik Eklund · 5,894 karma ·

I found that the Balsamiq plugin (on the account tied to the email address you used to sign-up here) was not enabled. I have enabled it for you and it is all ready to go.

Just in case you want more info about the plugin:

hailstrike · 1 karma ·

I am having the same issue. Balsamiq does not seem to be active on my ondemand account.

Bruno Rosa [Atlassian] · 1,558 karma ·

hailstrike, I believe that you just have to access the 'Manage Add-ons' page of your OnDemand instance, select the option 'User-installed' on the drop-down menu, search for Balsamiq and Enable the plugin.

for JIRA OnDemand instances:

for Confluence OnDemand instances: https://YOUR-INSTANCE/wiki/plugins/servlet/upm/manage/user-installed#manage

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