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[closed] Why doesn't Joseph Clark have more karma?

David Simpson asked this question · 16,748 karma ·

As far as I can tell, he works this website like a demon. I think he could handle a few more up-votes.

Selcuk Savas · 607 karma ·

Is there any how to use answers. Atlassian doco?

karma points/badges/ accept rate/vore up/down and the other function need to be clearer and the user be encouraged to use them with creating some kind of recognition.

Like his/her name can be mentioned during the Meetup aor announces contributor of the month etc.

4 Answers:

Joseph Clark [Atlassian] · 21,955 karma ·

Thanks! I usually spend my morning going through the unanswered development questions whilst I have my morning coffee, so I have a bit of time to try and give some detailed responses.

Speaking of, I think this is the most detailed and appropriate answer to this question, so feel free to up-vote! :-)

Nik Eklund · 5,894 karma ·

I agree - he always delivers great answers and is only averaging 19.4 points per answer...His answers are easily worth twice that! :-)

Brendan Patterson · 1,118 karma ·

Agree! Thanks for the metric tonnage of helpful answers.....I especially like how you tackle even questions to which I often expect possibly no answer :)

Ben Woskow [Atlassian] · 1,567 karma ·

This is quite possibly the most awesome question on all of Answers.

Mizan · 11,094 karma ·

That is because many users dont vote up and many have a very low acceptance rate .

the below users also derserve more karma since they have given many good answers but karma average is low

user answers karma average
Bob Swift 472 7457 15.7
Dieter 416 7432 17.8
Renjith V 578 6576 11.3

Jobin Kuruvilla [Go2Group] · 80,018 karma ·

interesting statistics. How did you get it?

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Dieter · 10,710 karma ·

Indeed, an interesting metric. @jobin yours is 18.35 points/answer. :)
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Jobin Kuruvilla [Go2Group] · 80,018 karma ·

nice to know :) But again, how did you find it? i don't see the total number of answers anywhere. Maybe I am missing something very obvious.

Dieter · 10,710 karma ·

I saw it in your profile. You have answered 1333 questions. Ok, assuming you didn't answer the same question twice
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Jobin Kuruvilla [Go2Group] · 80,018 karma ·

Ah, I see..!

Mizan · 11,094 karma ·

Total Karma/Total number of answers :)

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