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JIRA OnDemand Maximum Attachment Size

Peter100 asked this question · 6 karma ·


We've set the maximum attachment size to the largest size OnDemand JIRA will allow (2 gigabytes).

Is there an extra charge for uplaoding and storing such large files? What is the total amount of space we are allowed to store OnDemand?

Finally, is there any way to monitor how much space we are currently using?



2 Answers:

Michael Knight [Atlassian] · 6,960 karma ·

Information about these limits can be found here:

There's currently no way to monitor the current amount of space used, but you can submit a support issue and an engineer can let you know.

Lucas Molenaar · 316 karma ·

Ask login details for and ask Atlassian to extract and move the files to your webdav root

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