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How to access the Confluence database?

Christian Neureiter asked this question · 86 karma ·

We do have multiple systems in place and hence want to avoid the duplication of data. There is one application which we are running which we have not managed so far to connect to our AD/LDAP. As Confluence is synced with the AD/LDAP I am looking for a possibility to access following data from the Confluence database via an external application:

- User information (name, telephone, email, ...)
- groups and their members

Is this possible or does Confluence not allow this at all?



One Answer:

Dennis Kromhout van der Meer [Atlassian] · 4,970 karma ·

You can always extract this information via database directly, but you have to be careful with your queries for deletion, etc. For example, this query returns all the users in Confluence:

select child_name
from cwd_membership
where parent_name='confluence-users'

It's also possible to get the required information via the Confluence API or via the Atlassian Commandline Interface.

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