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Confluence: Offline dump (for standalone PC)

Christian Sprenger asked this question · 34 karma ·

Hi there!

We're really lookfing forward to get Confluence but before we apply we need to clarify something before.

Let me briefly explain:

We'll have the regular online availability of Conf but we need an offline dump for standalone PCs where we do not have Internet available (and no, adding a GPRS Device or so in not an option ;) )

Is it possible to "export" into a format like CHM (Windows Help)?

When I export to HMTL can I use a "standalone" Server programm on this PC to see exactely the same as online?

What about Access rights?

Thank you very much, I really appreciate your answers!




One Answer:

David Simpson · 16,748 karma ·

Take a look at K15t's Scroll Wiki exporters or AppFire's Firestarter.

Christian Sprenger · 34 karma ·

Thank you so much.

I'll have a more detailed look into it but at the first glance it looks like our solution.

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