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How to see the "commits" the references an Issue in BitBucket Issue Tracker

Jonas Galli asked this question · 5 karma ·

Using bitbucket I can use the "Issue #" to make a commit references an Issue.

But I didn't find a way to, entering a Issue, see all the commits that references it.

It seems to me a basic thing, but I can't find a way to do that, to see in an Issue all the commits that resolved it.

Can anybody help me on that?

Thanks in advance,


Jonas Galli


2 Answers:

manthony · 1,720 karma ·

You can use the search function from a repository's Commits tab to search for a particular issue.

Jonas Galli · 5 karma ·

Thanks manthony for the quick answer.

I tried that, but if I search for "issue #2", or "#2", for example, the search returns nothing. I can search for "2", ok, but it will brings me potentially things that I didn't want (I don't know, if somebody commits with a 2 in its message, for example that it took "2 hours"..."

If the search with "#" works it would be pretty much ok, but it doesn't.

It's the best/only way? For me a "Commits" session just below the "Comments" session in the "View Issue" page would be awesome! ;o)


manthony · 1,720 karma ·


This is the best way I know of using the current Bitbucket interface. The Commits search is the only option I know of...if you are using Bitbucket as is.

If you wanted to use JIRA (BTF or OnDemand). Then you can use the JIRA DVCS connector then you get exactly the functionality you want.


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