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import failed

benjamin.haegler asked this question · 6 karma ·

We just moved from a download instance hosted by our own to jira ondemand under I backuped our data from the download instance and tried to import the backup zip to our new jira. All looked good but the import process terminated with following exception:

Unexpected error while restoring data: java.lang.RuntimeException: No primary instance of 'SVN' defined.

We have had installed the svn plug in under a previous version of our download instance. But the actual configuration doesn't have a subversion configuration.

After the Import process terminated with the exception above half of the issues seem to be imported correctly but some projects are missing completely.

What can we do next?


One Answer:

Maleko Taylor [Atlassian] · 429 karma ·

Hi Benjamin,

This is a known issue and the fix is scheduled to be rolled out in the next week or so:

The last comment on the bug report above has a suggested workaround. YMMV.


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