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Is there a way to render the details of a single JIRA issue on a Confluence page ? asked this question · 6 karma ·

We would like to display the details of a single JIRA issue (id, title, state, ) including custom fields on a Confluence page.

We found the jira-issues macro, which generates a list of issues, but this is not what we want.

Furthermore there's the 'insert JIRA-issue' macro, which just renders a link to JIRA, but no details of that issue.

Is there any way to achieve this ?

In previous versions we used the 'Jira/Confluence Issue Macro', but it's not compatible with Confluence 4.0 and development seems to be halted on that.


3 Answers:

Niels Jaeckel · 2,317 karma ·

Hi Nikolaus,

if you are familiar with XSL-T you could request Issue details via RSS at the JIRA instance and render the result with XSL-T into Html. I tried that successfully some time. Additionally you could use the cache-Makro to avoid XSL-T rendering on every single page hit.

It gets a little more complicated if your Issue is not in a public JIRA project. Then you could create an own user macro which automatically appends username and password to the Url (os_username, os_password). So only the Confluence administrator has access to these values.

Niels · 6 karma ·

Finally we wrote our own macros for that purpose, which took about two days for a Confluence/JIRA novice.

Matt Hodges [Atlassian] · 2,844 karma ·

If you are running Confluence 4.1 you can find the Issue using JQL in JIRA and copy and paste the permalink to the search into the Confluence editor. See:

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