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I wanted to see the historical burn down charts for released versions (to compare with how things are going now) but a lot of the old versions in my product just have a release date, but no start date set. In the Agile feature you can change the start date of unreleased versions (by clicking on the start date in the version list on the right). But the dates on released versions in the "Released board" are not modifiable.

How do I modify the start date of a version that has been released?

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      I am running JIRA 4.4.3, and this is how I did it (this may require JIRA-Admin permissions):

      (1) Go to the Administration tab and select to manage versions.

      (2) Select the version you want to edit that you released. Under the little gear icon, there is an option to "Unrelease," select it.

      (3) Go to the Agile tab to view the version that you just "unreleased."Double-click it to expand its details.

      (4) Edit the start date.

      (5) Click on the gear icon and select Release to push it back into released state.

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