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Where did it put my Artifact Dependencies?

Murray asked this question · 81 karma ·

Hi All,

Trying to nut out a problem where I have no idea where the artifact dependancies are going.

I created a new build with one stage/job which just has a script 'Echo hi' and then gathers a bunch of XML files from one directory. Then I created another stage/job which had another dummy script with an artifact dependancy on the previous job, pointing it to a directory of 'ThisIsATest'.

When I run the build the artifact directory is no where to be seen. The artifacts are in the first job when I click on it via the webpage but there is no directory at any level with the artifacts in it for the second job.

The log for the second job even shows:

11-Oct-2011 15:12:11 Preparing artifact for use: TestArtifacts
11-Oct-2011 15:12:11 Artifact TestArtifacts prepared in 0:00:00.074

Any ideas?


One Answer:

Przemek Bruski [Atlassian] · 13,413 karma ·

Dou you mean you don't see the artifacfts on the filesystem in the second job or you don't see them via web UI artifact links?

Murray · 81 karma ·

I do not see the artifacts on the build servers file server. They are in the webpage.

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