I'm trying to connect a bamboo remote agent to bamboo. In the log file of the remote agent I find the line

[BambooActiveMQConnectionFactory] Setting broker URL to 'failover:(tcp://our_bamboo_server.domain_old:54663?wireFormat.maxInactivityDuration=300000)?maxReconnectAttempts=10&initialReconnectDelay=15000'

The only thing I see is that the bamboo server it's trying to connect to is our_bamboo_server.domain_old (anonymised name). It should however be our_bamboo_server.domain_new.

Long before installing the remote agent we have changed our domain from domain_old to domain_new.
The bamboo instance is running on a Red-Hat linux server which has been migrated from domain_old to domain_new.

Now my question is two fold:

  1. How does the bamboo-remote-agent determine the name of the bamboo server. In it's wrapper.conf file it only states the configuration:
    I could not find any other reference to our_bamboo_server.
  2. Is it possible to add/change something in the configuration of the remote agent to force the connection to our_bamboo_server.domain_new:54663.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Olaf Heemskerk

    I also ran the NetworkAnalyser which gave the following output:

    Testing connectivity to Bamboo Server: http://our_bamboo_server/bamboo
    Trying to establish connection with remote server: http://our_bamboo_server/bamboo
    Testing connectivity to Bamboo Server: http:?//our_bamboo_server:54663/bamboo
    Trying to establish connection with remote server: http:?//our_bamboo_server:54663/bamboo
    Connection established!

    So the network analyser doesn't see a problem.

  2. Brent Villalobos

    I don't place a lot of confidence in the NetworkAnalyser. I gave it a jibberish URL and got "Connection established!" messages:

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1 answer


    The Bamboo server names is indeed specified in the wrapper.conf file as you listed in Q1. Additionally, check your Bamboo server's bamboo.cfg.xml file.

    Ensure the correct domain is set for BOTH these properties :




    Then in the Bamboo Admin UI, in the General Section ensure the Base URL is set correctly as well.

    1. Adam Myatt

      Also this might be reflected if you reverse proxy through a server like Apache HTTPD to hide the actual host and/or port Bamboo is running on.

      Additionally double check your old and new servers don't resolve to the same DNS entry, might be causing a conflict. If so perhaps on your remote agent machine you may want to flush the dns cache.

    2. Olaf Heemskerk

      I never specify the domain anywhere, since normally I only have to specify the server itself.

      I have only set


      Must I also set bamboo.jms.broker.client.uri in the bamboo-init.properties file on the server?

      And if so what should it be set to?

    3. Olaf Heemskerk

      The option


      in the bamboo.cfg.xml was set incorrectly. This pointed to the old domain instead of the new domain. So thanks Adam.

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