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Agile planningboard view

Deepnight asked this question · 444 karma ·


I have associated new workflow (with new statuses) and after that Agile-Planning Board view displayed issues disorderly. Is it so, when I change the project workflow totally with different workflow (new statuses) the Planning Board view could change? I checked that rank is correct, but some issues have changed their order in list.

For example statuses what have changed: Resolved->Closed, Waiting for analysis->InProgress, Waiting for UAT->Acceptance. Associate new statuses was ok.

In the Plannig Board view example:

Lets the projectname is B / issue number




After changing new workflow, rank is the same but the Agile Planning Board view is different:




Is it somekind of bug, when after associating new workflow scheme Agile Planning Board view goes totally upside-down. Rank value doesn't change, but Agle PlannigBoard could't display the previous order anymore..Seems like a bug!


2 Answers:

Nic Brough · 121,328 karma ·

Ah, no, I've found it's simply down to the display settings, try changing the context, filters in use and so on.

Deepnight · 444 karma ·

Hello Nic Brough!

I'm so happy, that i found the "problem" thanks for you tip! All my "problem" was Agile filter settings. But after changing workflow scheme I' didnt come on it to view filter settings. So, everything is fine now! As the wellknown saying is: all which seems so difficult - is so simply! :-)

Nicholas Muldoon · 2,954 karma ·

Sounds like you are sorting by the wrong Rank field. Check the Sort By under the Context and I think you'll see it is the second "Rank" field that you created which is NOT a GreenHopper Rank custom field. That is most liekly your problem.

As per my answer to your other quesion on Atlassian Answers, please raise a support request if you are still having difficulty with this.

Thank you.


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