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Greenhopper ranking calculation formula

Deepnight asked this question · 444 karma ·


Please explain me, how the GH rank is working? What issue details calculated (for ranking)? Which formulas is used?

How the issues will get the rank order? If the issue type is changed, is the ranking will changes the order too?

Any explanation is appreciated!

I have Jira v 4.2.2 and GeenHopper 5.4.1


3 Answers:

Nicholas Muldoon · 2,939 karma ·


The GreenHopper Rank field provides the ability to drag and drop on the planning board to prioritise issues. For this to work on a project the GreenHopper Rank field must be associated with all issue types.

Each issue is given a rank number in a relative, not absolute, order. When an issue has been dragged to reprioritise it is slotted in between existing issues and given a number halfway between the existing numbers, which are spaced in increments of 10,000.

Changing the issue type of an issue will not change the rank order.

Thank you,

Nicholas Muldoon

Deepnight · 444 karma ·

Thanks for the answer!

Is the changing of issue details (under Dates) could influence the ranking order? When I change something in issue (issue type, description etc) the dates will updated. Is the rank will change too?

I know how the ranking number is generated (as you comment before), but I don't understand which details GH ranking counts. For example, issue rankings are only applied to the issues that have at least on unreleased fix version..Which issue details participate to calculate the rank.

We have problem with Agile-Planning board view, where after updating new WF and issue types the rank order is totally upside down. We try to investigate, what could cause this problem and/or what we can do?

I have checked all the possible settings and for now all seems to be the same way as before, exept ranking view. I have copied live to test, changed in live the new wf, issue types and after I comparing the view with test, the live view - planningboard with rank is different. Live and Test environment are the same settings.

I have no ideas, what could cause this problem.

Thanks in advance!

Nicholas Muldoon · 2,939 karma ·

Probably best to raise a support request for this one.

The only issues ranked are those that are in an unreleased fix version, or those that have no fix version set. Having an upside down rank order is an entirely different issue, and one that I've not seen before.


Deepnight · 444 karma ·

Case is closed and the problem is resolved :-)

Glenn Weissel · 1 karma ·

Question: is it possible to convert the large internal numbers to 1-N (stakeholder friendly) numbers? So when filters and dashboards are shown, our stakeholders would be able to see that their requested requirement is number 10 out of 30, rather than showing the internal numbers.

Thank you


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