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3 layer select list

Athira K P asked this question · 125 karma ·


I need to create a 3 layer select list in which

1. the options in the second list depends on the values selected from first select list

2. The options in the third select list depends on the values selected from first and second select list



4 Answers:

Nic Brough · 121,049 karma ·

This might be a good starting point too - It only works for v3, but some of the principles are the same (the main difference will be the searching)

Jamie Echlin · 48,707 karma ·

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Nic Brough · 121,049 karma ·

Ta, I didn't know about that.

Mark Lassau [Atlassian] · 810 karma ·

If you have a valid Commercial License you will be able to get the JIRA source.

Look at CascadingSelectCFType and see how it works for 2 layers, then extend that to 3 layers.

Matt Doar (ServiceRocket) · 5,577 karma ·


That's not the most helpful comment I''ve ever seen! I looked at that code before I wrote the MDSF plugin to do this and there's a number of things that cascading select fields just never really did - stattable, remote API etc.


Tihomir Nikolov · 56 karma ·

Hi all.

I need to hide the child level of a cascading select custom field in a screen in JIRA. It has to be available in other screens.

Can anyone help ?

rambanam prasad · 20,446 karma ·

You can implement this by using JavaScript,

which version of Jira ur using?

Tihomir Nikolov · 56 karma ·

Hi, Rambanam

Atlassian JIRA (v4.1.2#531) , but will upgrade to 4.4 soon. The license is commercial.

Cheers, Tihomir

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