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Macro for most watched pages in Confluence

Doods Perea asked this question · 16 karma ·


I was asked by our client to provide a list of 10 most watched pages in our Confluence system. I searched for a plugin but could not find one. :(

I am unable to write code so I would greatly appreciate if anyone could help me.



3 Answers:

Selcuk Savas · 607 karma ·

Hi Doods,

I don't think displaying the most watched pages is possible.

You may need to create your own macro.

But to display most popular contect you can usew Popular content macro.,



Doods Perea · 16 karma ·

Thanks Selcuk. I am hoping someone has already created a macro for this, or that somebody could write it. I am not capable of writing a macro so I am really at a loss here. :(



Hanis Suhailah [Atlassian] · 4,337 karma ·

Perhaps you can try out this plugin:

If enabled, the space activity screen displays statistics on the activity in each space. These include:

  • How many pages and blog posts have been viewed, added or updated over a given period.
  • Which content is the most popular (most frequently viewed).
  • Which content is the most active (most frequently edited).
  • Which people are the most active contributors/editors of content.

Most watched pages can be seen from the most popular content (Views)

Doods Perea · 16 karma ·

Greetings Hanis,

Thanks for your comment. I am already using these data you mentioned. I am thinking there is a way to count the number of "Liked" pages in Confluence, assuming that the count is saved in the database.



Doods Perea · 16 karma ·

Sorry, the keyword here is "Watched" not "Liked". When a user clicks the "Watch" link from the "Tools" menu, I would like to think this action is saved somewhere in the database. Maybe using Bob Swift's SQL plugin can do the trick?

Thanks for all your helpful comments. :)

Thomas · 9,143 karma ·

Hi Doods,

have a look at the CustomWare Tracking Plugin:

I think this should fit your needs.



Doods Perea · 16 karma ·

Does anybody know which Confluence database table is updated whenever a user clicks the "Watch" option from the page's Tools menu?

Many thanks! :)


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