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Configuring Log Work fields

Shane McGarry asked this question · 6 karma ·

We want to enable the log work fields on our resolution screen. However, when I add Log Work to the screen, it adds the following fields:

  • Time Spent
  • Date Started
  • Remaining Estimate (with a number of radio options)

We don't track estimates etc so all we need is the Time Spent field. Is there a way to configure this so that the Date Started and Remaining Estimate fields are hidden on the resolution screen and only the Time Spent box is displayed?



Andrea Newman · 6 karma ·

I would like to do the same, but and a few additional fields of my own, for other work log information we require.

Is there anyway to modify the work log screen, as the otehr screens are modified, to remove fields and add new ones?

One Answer:

Andrey Markelov · 153 karma ·


For Jira 5.1.x you can add to Announcement Banner next code:

<script language="javascript">
jQuery(window).ready(function() {
    if (jQuery.trim(jQuery('#project-name-val').text()) == "{your_project_name}" && jQuery.trim(jQuery('#type-val').text()) == "{issue_type}") {

Note: change {your_project_name} and {issue_type}.

Shane McGarry · 6 karma ·

We are using Jira OnDemand so I don't have the ability to add custom code (to my knowledge at least).

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