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Can Bamboo be used with vCloud?

Mark McD asked this question · 670 karma ·

My organisation is in the process of implementing vCloud & I am looking at purchasing Bamboo. I'm particularly interested in the remote agent deployment through EC2.

Is it possible to remotely deploy agents to VMware vCloud instances?


Mark McD · 670 karma ·

I'll add to this that I've found a plugin that will manage VMs created through vCloud (using the vSphere API), but not the elasticity features that vCloud could do that Bamboo currently supports for EC2.

2 Answers:

Rene Medellin · 409 karma ·

The integration of Bamboo and EC2 has more to do with dynamically allocating instances as you need them -- elasticness. So this is wound pretty tight with the Amazon AWS API. I'm not aware of vCloud support being planned. You can have a look through to confirm.

At the same time, though, virtual instances (no matter where you host them) can also be treated as just normal remote agents. You'll have to manage the agent processes inside the instances yourself but that's fairly straightforward to do and can scale quite a bit. That's of course assuming you can also setup a secure channel between your vCloud instances and your Bamboo server instance to allow the Bamboo traffic.

James Dumay [Atlassian] · 4,614 karma ·

I've opened up a ticket to guage interest for this feature.

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