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Planningboard view

Deepnight asked this question · 444 karma ·


I have changed project workflow and also I have changed issue types. Now, if new workflow and issue types are associated I see in Agile view->planning board that greenhopper ranking is different. I have sort the view by GH rank.

Is the change of issue types could chaage the GH ranking view? Any ideas?


3 Answers:

Nicholas Muldoon · 2,954 karma ·


Do you have two GreenHopper Rank fields? There is no reason the rank should be different between both instances.

You may wish to run a Repair on the Rank field from within Agile -> Tools -> Configuration.


Deepnight · 444 karma ·


Thanks for your answer!

I use GH Rank for all global issues. Long time ago I have created new custom field - Rank (field type - number), but this is not connected to GH. Could the custom field (Rank) may influence GH ranking?

I don't understand, what you mean "There is no reason the rank should be different between both instances." ?

When I should run Repair function? What it gives me?

Thanks in advance!

Nicholas Muldoon · 2,954 karma ·

The repair function will reindex the GreenHopper Rank custom field. You'll probably want to rename or remove the other "Rank" custom field as your contexts may be using the wrong one.

Nicholas Muldoon · 2,954 karma ·


Could you please provide more information, I am not sure I understand what your problem is.

Please ensure that your GreenHopper Rank field is associated with all Issue Types.

Thank You.

Nicholas Muldoon

Deepnight · 444 karma ·


Ok well maybe I could'nt express my question so clearly, but is the issue type can change the ranking also? Is issue type could influence ranking view?

My problem is, that I have changed custom issue types. X custom issue type -> y custom issue type and one custom issue type to system isuue type (task).

Now after migration to live environment I compare in the live Agile planning board view with test environment (where was the previous live copy) and the ranking view is different. If number 10-issue was the 1-st, now it is the 8-th.

Deepnight · 444 karma ·

Problem is solved.

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